Fish in a tree

Oh my was that a big novel study. Last term we started a novel call fish in a tree and we only just finished. it was about a girl named Ally and she stated off hating school, during the book her teacher goes on leave because she is pregnant so the class get a new teacher named Mr Daniels, he notices that Ally is struggling with school so he decides to help her out. Overtime Ally becomes friend with Albert and Keisha. She also has a caring brother Travis,  that helps her out and struggle with school. Ally also has someone making Fun of her, Shay is top of the school ally thinks but with Keisha and Alberts help, Ally wasn’t scared of her. Shay also took control of her friends if they want to be friends with her you have to buy off of her then she would make, and she was also bossy. Mr Daniels finds out that Ally actually has dyslexia. Ally is also good at drawing and has an Sketch Book of Impossible Things.

Personally I thought this book was going to be boring and had no point in it but overtime I lernt so much.



The Door…

Ok so this is a post that Mr Hope has assigned us another task and it is a story starter about the word Door. Hope you enjoy.

Horror-He held the door tight knowing if he opened the door all old the memories Good and Bad. CREEKKKK!

Romance-I stand outside, the cold breeze blows across my face and I hear her heels ” CLIP CLOP”. I pull the flowers closer to my chest I hear her coming to the door. She opens it.

Action- VROOM!! I was zooming past everyone until then car starts to clunk. I try to slow down my I just keep on going my mind was telling me to stop but my foot did not think the same all of a sudden the door flings of this was the moment where I almost lost my life…






Empty brain

Just think, just come on and think. Lately I have been running out of ideas and I do not know what to post about I have been thinking hard about and nothing is coming out of my brain. For now I am just going to post about school work like usual but if you any ideas please leave a comment. I know its short but that’s all I have to say


Persuasive Introduction

It has been said that using plastic is a good thing. I have never heard a more outrages thing in my entire life. I have gone and found 3 reasons why we should NEVER use plastic again. It causes pollution and dose not break down; It puts animals in danger and KILLS them; It takes oil from the ground and is really expensive. Do you wanna end up drowning on an earth of plastic?




Catch, Dodge and Win!

” There’s only 1 person left!” This Term in sport we are doing a dodge ball tournament. If you do not know what dodge ball is it is a game played with 2 teams a there are 5-10 foam balls and you battle. If you get hit by the ball that someone on the opposition you are out if you throw the ball and someone on the opposition catches it you are out but the only way you can get back in is if your team catches a ball. Back to the tournament there are 5 teams and my team is good. If we win the most games out of the 4 teams we go and vs the other class.


Final Term

This year we have done a lot so it has been such a fast year. And when your in year 6 term 4 is the final term at the school in week 10 we will be graduating. All the year 6 students and I will be separating schools cause some people want to achieve different things, like for me I am going to a school that has a footy program, but it is only week one so we have to wait awhile, but while we wait doesn’t mean the term is over we still have a lot of work to do.

Meccano Project

On Fridays we do rotations in class and we 4 four different activities that we have to do, and one of them is called meccano today is the last day for it but me and my a partner finished last week. Here are some photos bye

Father’s Day Project

This weekend is Father’s Day and in class we have been making a knots and crosses. We have to take it home tomorrow and also we have a Father’s Day stall and we are able to buy 2 of the provided items

BYE BYE Continue reading


So I haven’t been posting much but this one is about footy. The season has come to an end and I really wish I could still play but my age group doesn’t play finals, but if I did do finals I would be playing. But next Year I am in year 7 and I might be able to do finals If my teams make it. Anyways for the professional football the season is over for some people but 8 teams have made finals and that is Geelong, Melbourne, Fremantle, Sydney Swans, Bulldogs, Collingwood, Brisbane and Richmond, Now they will get eliminated till one team is left.

That’s all folks

Swimming Lessons

For the past 2 weeks me and my class have gone to swimming lessons and we have to do a set of swimming strategies, and if you did them all well enough you would pass and I was in level 4 and I pass so the next time I go I will be in level 5 but I don’t know if I’m gonna go anymore.

Well that is all my friends cyah soon!